EPIC Medical is a specialist medical device company,
dedicated to Pain Management

Our aim is to provide innovative solutions to both public and private healthcare
throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland

Welcome to EPIC Medical

We provide excellence in customer service combined with products manufactured to the highest quality by a leading global brand in Interventional Pain Management who have been setting the standard in Chronic Pain treatment for over 30 years.

EPIC Medical has partnered with Epimed International as the exclusive distributor of their innovative, precision-engineered, speciality Pain Management products throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.
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EPIC Medical has partnered with Epimed International to exclusively distribute their innovative, precision-engineered, speciality products throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Products include: Racz® Catheters, RX Coudé® and RX-2™ Coudé® Epidural Introducer Needles, Blunt Nerve Block Needles, Wiley Spinal® and GENESIS Simulator 



EPIC Medical has partnered with Hermes Healthcare to introduce the myAlgos platform to the UK and Republic of Ireland.

myAlgos is a medical device software for interdisciplinary pain management teams to communicate with patients and manage treatment plans remotely through its app and web based digital platform.

Find out more here or visit www.myalgos.net



Announcement – October 2020


All logistics services have now been transferred to TPS Healthcare.

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What’s happening?


New Products


Introducing Epimed’s epidural training simulators for teaching common neuraxial techniques.



The Epidural-Spinal Injection Simulator for lumbar epidural training.











The Thoracic Neuraxial Simulator for thoracic epidural training.









Training techniques include:

Epidural LOR Identify Epidural Loss of Resistance
Catheter Placement Insert Epidural & Spinal Catheters
Ultrasound Compatible Increase Ultrasound Competency


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